CJE Restoration Family Photo

Operating in Columbus, Ohio we are proud to put our name on our work.

We chose the name CJE Restoration because we want to ensure that every customer understands that we aren't just another roofing and siding company. We are an exterior remodeling company. The details involved in making sure that repairs are completed so that it looks like there was never damage is where our expertise comes in. Our ability to assist our homeowners in transforming the look of the exterior of their home with superior products is second to none.

We are a family owned company with skilled craftsman that are passionate about home exteriors. Our team is our family and by the end of your project we hope that you’ll feel like family to us as well. Like family we believe communication is key and standing by your word is the right thing to do. From the initial planning stages to delivering the final project, we know the details matter and we stay with you each step of the way. Our commitment to our family is only matched by our commitment to yours.

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